What is PIX8.NET all about?
Pix8.net is an online image hosting solution. You can use this service as a direct link to upload your auction images, upload and share your digital photos with your loved ones, upload your images and linked it back in your message threads on discussion board or forums and many more!
I'm interested in your service but how do I use it?
Simply sign up for a Pix8.net account with us by clicking the "Join Now" at the menu bar above. Signup is easy and will take less than 30 seconds to complete. Note : Only genuine email addresses will be accepted.
What type of image file extensions do Pix8.net support?
Support JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and PDF for upgraded accounts.
Is there a file-size limit for the image file to be uploaded?
Yes. Each image file is limited to 500Kb to 1 Megabyte for upgraded accounts.
I like your service and would like to help. What can I do?
If you like the Pix8.net image hosting service we are providing, you could help us by recommending Pix8.net to your friends

Will my images be deleted?
Free account not access 6 months will automatically be deleted.
Will I be able to customize any image folders for better archiving?
Yes. With Pix8.net new image and photo-sharing service, all users can easily create their own folders to archive their images for different usages.
Will I be able to share by photo with my loved ones and friends?
Yes. All account users are provided with a personalized photo album that they can shared it with their loved ones and friends.
I would like to upgrade my account. How do I do it?
All you need is to simply click on the `Need more space' located at the left column of your user panel. Proceed to choose a subscription plan that you liked and click "Upgrade Subscription". At present we only accept payment through Pay Pal.
I have a question but it isn't discussed here. What should I do?
Should you have any queries, all you need to do is to write us an email at: support at pix8 dot net